Interview for Ios Technical Lead at Photon Infotech

Company Name : Photon Infotech

Experience: 5-8 Years

Location : Bangalore

Job Description:

1.5 years of experience in IT industry mostly centering around mobile technologies and tools.

2.Able to lead a team of 6-10 developers.

3.4+ years of hands on development experience on the iOS platform with a strong understanding of the
iOS Architecture.

4.Should provide references of at least 2 apps being launched to the App Store on which the developer
has worked.

5.Able to develop Native iPhone applications using Objective C.

6.Should have a good understanding of the Image manipulation and Graphics Frameworks such as Core
Graphics and Core Image.

7.Should have a good understanding of Hybrid Application Architecture and a hands on skill working
with HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Mobile is strongly desired.

8.Should be able to understand the memory usage, object references and performance oriented coding.

9.Should be able to work on developing views and UI for iPhone and iPad applications.

10.Should be able to know the Apple build submission, user interface and coding standards.

11.Should be able to understand the anatomy of iOS system crashes and provide resolutions for the
same quickly.

12.Able to work on Agile and Test driven development.

13.Able to work on unit testing, code coverage tools for Objective C.

14.Strong written and verbal communication skill.

Send your resume to: [email protected]