What is Asian Handicap? Some Asian handicaps you should know

Asian Handicap Very famous and any bettor knows it. If this is your first time learning about this match, please take a look at the following article.  New 88 experts will explain the concept of Asian handicap and attractive select forms.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian handicap is also known by names such as Handicap, Handicap or over/under handicap. This is one of the most popular types of bets in soccer select. This type of bet was created to create balance for two teams by setting a handicap for the team that is rated higher than the opponent.

Compared to European handicaps, Asian handicaps focus on adjusting odds based on an assessment of the relative strength between two teams. From there there are more select options including over/under bets, red card bets, corner kick bets and even yellow card bets.

A special feature of Asian handicap is that results are only calculated within the official 90 minutes of the match, including overtime but excluding extra time. Players must have an overview and flexible select strategy while the match is taking place.

Some popular forms of Asian handicap select

Asian handicap odds start from the lowest handicap of 0.25 left, creating many select options for players.

Ball odds (0 balls)

This type of bet appears when the house evaluates two teams of equal strength or the stronger team is at a disadvantage in terms of recent performance. Players choose which team will win and bet on it. There will be no handicap in this match.

Half ball bet (0.25 ball, 1/4 ball)

This bet shows that the stronger team handicaps the weaker team by 0.25 goals. Members will bet on the favorite team to win if that team wins and will lose money if they lose the match; lose half your money if the match ends in a draw. The player who bets on the underdog wins half the money if the match is drawn and wins all the money if the underdog wins.

Handicap for half a goal (0.5 goal, 1/2 goal)

This type of bet shows that the stronger team has a handicap of 0.5 goals. The player who chooses the upper team will win all the money if that team wins by any margin and will lose all the money if the match is a draw or the lower team wins.

Half one handicap (0.75 goals, 3/4 goals)

The player who bets on the upper hand will win full money if the team wins by two or more goals, win half the money if the team wins by one goal difference, and lose all money if the match is drawn or lost.

On the contrary, the player select on the under will win all money if the match is drawn or that team wins, lose half the money if the under team wins by one goal and lose all money if the under team wins by two or more goals.

Handicap 1 goal

This handicap will see the top team handicap the underdog by one goal. The player who bets on the upper hand will win money if the team wins by two or more goals, get a refund if the team wins by one goal, and lose money if the match is drawn or lost.

Similarly, this rule applies to higher handicaps such as 1.25 goals, 1.5 goals, 1.75 goals.
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Some tips for select on Asian handicaps

Here are some Asian handicap select experiences that you should know:

Choose a balanced bet

When choosing a handicap, prioritize matches with equal strength between the two teams. If there is a handicap, the handicap rate is not too high. In such matches, the difference in form or strength between the two teams is not significant. In major tournaments, each team tries their best to win and have a chance to advance.

Analyze chances and place bets

When facing teams with large differences, the Odds ratio is often high and requires careful analysis. Odds tend to decrease a few hours before the match, then skyrocket in the last 35 minutes. This volatility often signals a stronger team is in trouble, so choosing a lower-rated team can be a wise decision.

Analyze pre-match data

Mastering information about the team is an important factor that determines success or failure in select, not only applicable to football but also to all other sports. You should not bet without knowledge about the team, competition history or current performance. Gathering detailed information will help make your decisions more accurate.


So you have just finished learning about Asian handicaps. This is an attractive bet and is available in our sports lobbygame portal New88. Members should create an account, deposit money and place bets right away.