Sample Hr Interview Questions

Tell me something about yourself.

This is the vital question of the interview. Before answering this question you must understand the purpose behind it. The answer to this question reflects what you think about yourself.

The answer should be in such a way that it should not be like you are reading your CV all over again. It can be something like –
Sir , as you already know my name is XXXXx. Tell about your birth place, schooling details…..till college. Discuss the time from your birth till now…….There is no need to mention the percentage of marks you scored in the school. You can mention the percentage of marks you scored in college, if it is good.

In the end finish it with a question, for e.g., Is there any thing else you would like to know about me, sir?

Tell me something about your parents.

My father’s name is XXXXXX. Discuss his occupation along with his contribution to society and role played by him in society.

About your mother same as above if she is working.

If she is a house wife then never undermine her contribution by referring to her as a simple house wife. You should portray her as a house maker. Along with this, mention that she is doing her job since so many years consistently without any leave and any appreciation.

If you want to change any thing in your life, what will you change?

I am very much happy and satisfied with my life, this is the gift of god. But then also, if ever in life knowingly or unknowingly I have ever hurt my elders (parents, teachers), I just want to change that like it never happened and say sorry to them.

What is your weakness or what are you afraid of?

Most appropriate answer would be something like – Sir, I can make a presentation in front of hundreds of people but whenever it came to sing a song in the class, I really shivered and I couldn’t sing even a single line. Your weakness should be presented in such a manner that it doesn’t seem to be your weakness.

What package you are looking for?

For freshers:
You are very lucky that you are sitting in an interview……you can’t be demanding. Your answer should be, sir as per company policy whatever package would be offered I’ll accept that. But this is a very casual answer.
Your answer should be something like: “Sir, as you know I am a fresher and the only thing I can expect at this point of time is that I should get a job in a prestigious company like yours. Of course every one works for money I would be expecting something which is sufficient to make my living in a city and I should be able to support my family a bit.

Do you have a girl friend/Wife?

Always speak the truth in your interview, never tell lies. Your views about her should not be orthodox and you should always be supporting and encouraging towards her.

What is your Vision?

The answer for this question is to be decided by you. Before you start answering, you should understand the meaning of “vision”. Vision is a long term task/goal or long life commitment. Now this commitment can be with yourself, towards your society, wife, parents etc. e.g. I want to open an orphanage after finishing all family responsibilities.

What is the mission of your life?

This is same as vision but the only difference is that mission is for short terms. Like when you were in class XII your mission was to get admission in a good Engineering College. It keeps changing with time.

Where do you see yourself after 2-3 years from now?

The answer for this question varies from company to company and it depends on the hierarchy of the company. Your answer should be something like: Sir, initially I would be learning and knowing my work and company. In a year or after 1 year I expect from myself to be an expert in solving the issues on L1 level. And after that I would like to get a certification on the technology I am working. So within 2-3 yrs I expect myself to be a proficient engineer on L2 level.

What are your hobbies?

This is a very tricky question, I repeat very tricky question. You should mention your hobbies in which you have deep knowledge. Like cricket or playing cricket, by mentioning cricket you have given a wide scope to the interviewer as he can ask any thing from cricket infact he can ask any year also. But by mentioning playing cricket you have reduced the scope. Another e.g. is Music and Listening Music. Mentioning reading as your hobby is very risky because if you have read some books and the interviewer has also read it then he can ask a lot of questions related to it. You should be very cautious about it.

What kind of a person are you – Introvert/Extrovert?

Being totally introvert or extrovert is not right. You should be having a mixed behavior and behave as per the requirement of the situation. You can say something like- Sir, I behave according to the place and situation. Eg. Introvert personally and extrovert professionally.

Do you believe in competition or team work?

According to famous phrase “necessity is the mother of invention”. If there is no competition then there will not be any growth, the growth can be professional or personal. For any project or any work, team work is most important because a single person cannot do anything alone.

Competition and team work both are important.

If your manger has given you a task and your manager’s manger is saying not to do that work, what you will do? You will obey your manager or his manager?

I will obey my manager, as I believe that if my manager has assigned me a work he must have discussed it with his manager. I am his resource and my role is to obey him.

In a catastrophic situation like fire what you will do?

No heroic an answer is expected from you. They want to see how you would behave in such a situation. You can say something like – First, I would ensure my safety and then I will inform the fire department of company and city. If I am in a position of helping someone then I would definitely do that.

If you get a better package than here what will you do accept that offer or reject that?

This question means a lot. HR people want that the hired person should serve the company for longer period. You can say something like: Sir, as you know I am a fresher and if I switch the jobs very quickly then it will be a question mark on my stability, which will affect my career. Above all, I have to learn and increase my technical knowledge as well. Money comes with knowledge. So, I am here to learn and provide my best to the company.

Did you think of changing your present job earlier? If yes, what do you think made you stay back?

It is possible that you might have thought about leaving your present job earlier but later decided to continue. Here, you also need to think about what made you think about changing your job in the first place. Now you can talk about the pros and cons of changing the job that went through your mind. You can discuss about the positive aspects of the job, any advancement opportunities you saw or any type of flexibility which kept you attached to your last employment.

Did you ever face a situation when your work was criticized? What did you do?

You can face moments when your work will be criticized but you have to remember that only those who work can make mistakes. The main purpose of this question is to see your attitude when you are criticized and how you deal with it. If you face this question and you have been in a situation where your work was criticized, tell a bit about it and then tell the interviewer the way you dealt with it – if you think that there can be a better approach to what you are doing, evaluate it and accept it. The most important thing is to remember that you do not lose your cool on hearing negative remarks about yourself.

If you have never lead in the past, how would you do it in this role?

If you know how to do the work and you have the right attitude, you can lead. Many times you will find yourself leading unofficially in the current role – it is more important to have the leadership traits. So, you can say that, I know the job well and I have the qualities which need me to lead here. So, I think I am ready to move on to a more challenging and responsible positions like this.

What do you prefer working with figures, or with words?

The basic purpose is to check your analytical and communication skills. So, if you face this question, analyze the job requirement properly and frame your answer. However, in senior positions you would require a combination of both, so you can say that though I love to play with words, I know figures are an inseparable part of any business. So, I am quite comfortable working with them too or vice versa.

Are there any kinds of people you can not work with?

The basic purpose is to check your level of maturity here and how well you get along with people. At work, you find different personality traits and with time you learn to deal with them. So, rather than saying that “I can not work with people with this particular personality trait” focus your answer on some traits which even employers do not like. For e.g. People who are not team players, people who are not committed to their work, people who do not like to take responsibilities. The interviewer will also think that “I don’t like to work with these types of people too.”

Have you ever fired anyone? How did you handle it?

Being a boss means being ready to even part away with your most favorite people if they are not working in interest of business. So, this is more about your emotional quotient. However, it is important to deal with firing an employee in a proper way so that there’s no bad feeling on either of the sides. If you have not fired any one, you can say that ” Though I haven’t fired any off till now but if I am faced with such a situation, I would get to the root of the problem, try to solve it, apply methods like job rotation where ever possible and if nothing works, I’ll tell the person that for these reasons we need to part our ways”.

Have you ever worked under pressure? Give example.

Pressure is an inseparable part of business. However, it can take different forms. At times, it will be the pressure of escalating your performance while at others; it could be the pressure of meeting the deadlines. The purpose of this question is to see, how you handled that pressure. So, mainly talk about what did you do to not let your focus dilute like drawing a proper plan to meet the expectations, prioritizing the right activities, starting and finishing them till end and staying dedicated to the final outcome.

If you think a work should be done in a particular way while the other person thinks that it should be done the other way, what would you do to resolve the conflict?

No doubt there can be different approaches to do a work. It is more important that you evaluate each of them and take the right one. So, if you are faced with this question, you can say something like, I understand that there could be more than one approached to do a thing. If I am faced with a situation as quoted by you, I’ll evaluate both solutions and take up the one which is right and will get results faster.
The purpose here is to check your level of acceptance and adamancy.

If you are a team leader and one of your team member is not able to meet his targets on a regular basis. You discussed it with him and tried all measures to improve his performance in that role but nothing works. What would you do?

When faced with a situation like this, may be you can try to put that person to another job and if that also doesn’t work you might have to fire them off. This is again about emotional intelligence and making practical decisions in favor of business.

If you face a problem with your own performance, what would you do?

The purpose here is to see if you are able to identify the problems with your own performance and take corrective measures. To answer this question, you can say something like, “If I face a problem with my own performance, I will try to estimate how big is the problem, what is causing the problem and then take action on each of the listed things.”

Describe a situation where you were required to influence your team members to take a particular course of action.

You can influence a team only if you have analyzed the situation properly and are able to put it across to your team in a right way. So, this question is mainly a test of your analytical and communication skills.

How was your performance measured?

This is quite straight question, discuss about the key performance indices against which your performance was rated. This also shows your suitability for the position.

How many local trains run in Mumbai?

When you are asked an odd question like this, the interviewer is not expecting a right answer. He mainly wants to see your reaction to such an unexpected question and your approach to answer it. Stay calm, think aloud and give an answer.

How would you classify your style of management?

You can just say that you manage according to the situation. One style doesn’t work always.

What qualities would you like in your would be boss?

Don’t get into too many details. Just point out some qualities which every boss thinks he has like: work loving, fun loving, cheerful, energetic, knowledgeable, understanding and fair to sub-ordinates. No boss would like to admit that they don’t have these qualities.

How would you describe your work style?

You can say that your work style is performance oriented and you love to enjoy the work. Most companies would buy this.


This question aims to find out your stability and see if you would jump at the first opportunity offered to you. To answer this question, you can just say that, “I intend to stay as long as I’m learning and growing & both of us are happy with the work.”


To answer this question, you need to prepare well in advance. Read through the requirements of the job properly and match the qualities, skills and experience you have with the requirement. Now offer this as a reason for you to be hired.


Work and pressure are always going to co-exist. It might be the pressure at work or on personal front but you should be able to deal with it. So, the answer to this question should be “Yes” backed up with some example where you worked under pressure.

Why Should We Hire You?
Summarize your experiences: “With five years’ experience working in the financial industry and my proven record of saving the company money, I could make a big difference in your company. I’m confident I would be a great addition to your team.”

Why Do You Want to Work Here?
The interviewer is listening for an answer that indicates you’ve given this some thought and are not sending out resumes just because there is an opening. For example, “I’ve selected key companies whose mission statements are in line with my values, where I know I could be excited about what the company does, and this company is very high on my list of desirable choices.”

What Are Your Goals?
Sometimes it’s best to talk about short-term and intermediate goals rather than locking yourself into the distant future. For example, “My immediate goal is to get a job in a growth-oriented company. My long-term goal will depend on where the company goes. I hope to eventually grow into a position of responsibility.”

Why Did You Leave (Are You Leaving) Your Job?
If you’re unemployed, state your reason for leaving in a positive context: “I managed to survive two rounds of corporate downsizing, but the third round was a 20 percent reduction in the workforce, which included me.”
If you are employed, focus on what you want in your next job: “After two years, I made the decision to look for a company that is team-focused, where I can add my experience.”

When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?
The interviewer wants to know what motivates you. If you can relate an example of a job or project when you were excited, the interviewer will get an idea of your preferences. “I was very satisfied in my last job, because I worked directly with the customers and their problems; that is an important part of the job for me.”

What Can You Do for Us That Other Candidates Can’t?
What makes you unique? This will take an assessment of your experiences, skills and traits. Summarize concisely: “I have a unique combination of strong technical skills, and the ability to build strong customer relationships. This allows me to use my knowledge and break down information to be more user-friendly.”

What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You?
It’s time to pull out your old performance appraisals and boss’s quotes. This is a great way to brag about yourself through someone else’s words: “My boss has told me that I am the best designer he has ever had. He knows he can rely on me, and he likes my sense of humor.”

What Salary Are You Seeking?
It is to your advantage if the employer tells you the range first. Prepare by knowing the going rate in your area, and your bottom line or walk-away point. One possible answer would be: “I am sure when the time comes, we can agree on a reasonable amount. In what range do you typically pay someone with my background?”
If You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be?
Interviewers use this type of psychological question to see if you can think quickly. If you answer “a bunny,” you will make a soft, passive impression. If you answer “a lion,” you will be seen as aggressive. What type of personality would it take to get the job done? What impression do you want to make?

  1. What motivates you?
    Answer :A little appreciation for a succesfully completed work. If failed in that task, I am motivated to do it better than ever. If completed sucessfully, the sucess motivates me to go in for a tougher project/work which is a new challenge for me. As it is, winning challenges is the spirit in me.
    42. How do you handle stress?
    Answer :I’m not the type of person that becomes stressed very easily. However, if in an extreme circumstance I did start to become stressed, I would look to the cause of it and attempt to identify a solution. I would certainly not be afraid to look to others for their input and assistance. In aworkingenvironment I think stress comes around from pressurized situations. In such cases the best solution is often one of situation management until the crisis abates.
    43. I’m worried about your lack of _____ experience.
    Answer :I don’t feel you’ve anything to worry about. While I’ve only been a designated team leader for one year, I’ve spent eighteen months as the most experienced member of the team and in many situations I effectively led the team. I very much enjoy team management and am confident in my own abilities.
    44. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Answer :I enjoy participating in and watching most sports. I discovered golf at college and find it a great way to relax and spend time with friends. I also enjoy playing football and tennis. I was captain of the schoolswimming team and I try to keep that up as best I can too. I also enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and being around my friends.
    45. You’ve been in the same firm for a number of years. How do you think you’ll adjust to a new one?
    Answer :Sample Answer(s) I’m looking forward to the challenge. Even in this day and age there is a lot of value in staying in the one company for a prolonged period of time. In my current role I have had an opportunity to work with many people throughout the company and build great working and personal relationships. In addition, I had enough time in each area I worked to make a real and lasting difference.
    Also, I’d also like to think the firm’s decision to retain my services for so long is indicative of the esteem in which I’m held. However, it’s now time for me to move on so I can take the skills I’ve attained at ABC Corp and apply them in a new environment.
    46. How often do you miss deadlines?
    Answer :As infrequently as possible. In the reality it may be impossible to achieve every single deadline, however in my experience good planning and project management can alleviate late deliveries.
    47. Why should we hire you?
    Answer :I believe that I’ve got the skills and enthusiasm required to fulfill the role that’s available. I think I’d be a valuable asset to the firm and, from my experience, I’m sure I’d make a positive contribution to the company’s ambitions.
    48. How do you measure ‘success’?
    Answer :I measure my own personal success by how well I’ve achieved the goals I set myself. I feel I’ve been successful to date – I attended my college of choice, I graduated with a degree, and I’ve spent three successful years at XYZ Bros. The key in being successful is to set challenging yet attainable goals, while always remaining focused on what you hope to achieve. My current goal is to succeed at this interview.
    49. In what kind of work environment are you most productive?
    Answer :Tailor your answer to the job. For example, if in doing your job you’re required to lock the lab doors and work alone, then indicate that you enjoy being a team player when needed, but also enjoy working independently. If you’re required to attend regular project planning and status meetings, then indicate that you’re a strong team player and like being part of a team.
    50. How do you handle pressure?
    Answer : This is sort of a double whammy, because you’re likely already stressed from the interview and the interviewer can see if you’re handling it well or not. Everybody feels stress, but the degree varies. Saying that you whine to your shrink, kick your dog or slam down a fifth of Jack Daniels are not good answers. Exercising, relaxing with a good book, socializing with friends or turning stress into productive energy are more along the lines of the “correct” answers.
    31. What skills do you need to develop most?
    Answer :It may seem a bit premature, but I would very much like to develop my project management and team leadership skills. I would very much like to take responsibility for a project or team in the next twelve months and I think developing those skills now would make the transition easier.
    32. Do you have any financial qualifications?
    Answer 1:Yes, I took a finance module for two semesters in college. I’ve been surprised how useful my financial knowledge has been during my career. It has helped me schedule project budgets, analyze financial reports and prepare financial projections. There’s no doubt that I’m a better manager for having this knowledge.
    Answer 2: I haven’t had the opportunity to take any formal financial training yet. However I’ve had an informal training through the various project management roles I’ve fulfilled. I’ve gained some very good experience projecting budgets and preparing financial statements and I would feel comfortable undertaking similar duties.
    33. Do you have any IT (Information Technology) qualifications?
    Answer 1: Yes, I took a computer applications module for two semesters in college. It’s helped give me a better knowledge of how computers, operating systems and a wide range of software packages work. I’ve been able to apply this knowledge when tackling problems.
    Answer 2: I haven’t had the opportunity to take any formal IT training yet. However, I’ve used computers extensively at every job I’ve had and I’m very much at home using a word processor, spreadsheet, database and project management software. I have a computer at home too which I use to track my family’s finances and to access the Internet. I’m very comfortable using computers.
    34. Would you object to attending training seminars in your own time?
    Answer :Not at all. I’m looking for a company with an active training program, and I’m always willing to attain new skills. Other company’s I’ve interviewed with host training within the working day. Is it XYZ Corp company policy to always hold training outside of working hours?
    35. Why did you select your college or university?
    Answer :I was glad to be accepted at my number one choice college. I spent quite a lot of time researching colleges with biochemistry faculties. It became obvious that this college commanded a tremendous reputation for its pioneering work and is one of the best in its field in the country.
    36. What are your strengths? How do they help you?
    Answer :I’m well motivated, I’ve got a strong desire to succeed, and I’m always ready and willing to learn new information and skills.
    37. What are your weaknesses? How do you overcome them?
    Answer :I’m always ready to learn new skills and adapt my methods to become better at what I do. If I become aware of a weakness in my knowledge base or in the way I perform my duties, I do my best to fill that gap whether through formal training, informal training, or directly from my colleagues.
    38. What makes you think you’re qualified for this job?
    Answer :I studied for a diploma in computers which I enjoyed immensely. In my last job I was able to apply knowledge I’d gained on the course to do my job better. I streamlined many of the department’s manual tasks by moving them from paper to a computer-based solution. I’ve also got an advanced sailing certificate. This has helped me build many team-working skills. When I worked at XYZ Corp I voluntarily attended a series of in-house personal development training programs.
    39. Tell me about yourself.
    Answer :I’m an ambitious, self-motivated account executive and I’m very happy in my life right now. I’m looking to change jobs because I feel I’ve achieved all of the goals I set out for myself when I embarked in my previous role, six years ago. I’ve still got a strong appetite for success and I’m looking for a job that will provide fresh challenges and rewards.
    40. Do you like to work as part of a team or alone. Why?
    Answer :I work very well when I’m part of a team, I value the ability to bounce ideas off other people and also provide my input, whenever it’s wanted. Of course I’m more than capable of working alone whenever I’m required to do so too.
    21. Why did you apply for this job?
    Why do you want this position?
    What interests you about this position?

    Answer :I’ve worked in the travel industry for five years and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’d like to work for XYZ Corp because they are industry leaders and I want to work with the best people and the best products I can. There are exciting times ahead for the firm, particularly in light of the firm’s recent announcement that it was expanding it’s product range by 25% over the next 24 months. I feel that my drive, creativity and determination will be an asset to the firm and will enable me to succeed in this role. This position would enable me to applymy skills in an exciting and challenging environment. I think this position is a perfect match for my talents and my career goals.
    22. What separates this company from our competitors?
    Answer :ABC Corp spent much of the eighties and nineties among the top seven engineering companies in the state. It is now the undisputed leader in five states with aspirations to become the leading company in the sector countrywide. That tells me that the company is highly ambitious, with a commitment to excellence in every department that enables it to meet, and indeed surpass, its aspirations. ABC Corp is now the company that its competitors aspire to become. That is what separates this company from its competitors.
    23. What attracts you to this company?
    What interests you about this company?

    Answer :ABC Corp is a leading national software vendor. It has set itself aggressive targets to achieve in the near to medium term. In particular, the firm aims to become the leading vendor on the Internet within three years. I respect the history of the firm from a small start-up to one of the largest employers in the state. I also respect the principles upon which it has grown. The firm has achieved magnificent results to date and I would like to help it achieve its goals in the future.
    24. Do you feel overqualified for this job?
    Answer :I don’t think there’s such a thing as being over-qualified for a job. Every position brings with it a new environment, new people and new challenges. I feel that the skills I would bring to a new job can only help me to do a better job, and would in no way hinder the challenges I would face.
    25. Do you feel underqualified for this job?
    Answer :I attended weekend computer courses at my local district college for three years. It has changed me from someone who was scared of using a computer into a very competent computer user. My training has enabled me to gain promotion into a senior administrative role in my current job.
    26. What courses/classes have you taken to stay ahead in your field?
    Answer :I attended weekend computer courses at my local district college for three years. It has changed me from someone who was scared of using a computer into a very competent computer user. My training has enabled me to gain promotion into a senior administrative role in my current job.
    27. What educational goals do you currently have?
    Answer :I enjoy sailing very much. In the near future I plan to begin studying in order to become a qualified yachtsman. My ultimate goal is to become sufficiently experienced that I could skipper a crew in a competitive race.
    28. Have you completed your education?
    Answer :I believe that I’ve finished my formal schooland college education. Right now I’m focusing on my career and on being as good at my job as I possibly can. I enjoy learning and I think it’s essential in both personal and career development. Ideally, I hope that the firm I join will encourage growth and learning through in-house and/or external training. I strongly believe that the most important component of learning occurs ‘on the job’ where you learn from your peers, manager and others around you. In summary, my answer is ‘No’, I very much hope that my education is not over.
    29. What did you like most about college?
    Answer :I enjoyed many things about college. It was a new challenge and an opportunity for me to expand my horizons both educationally and personally. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect was the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds. Of course the social aspect of college was immense fun, but I also relished collaborating with other people with different specializations from me.
    30. What did you like least about college?
    Answer :It may seem a bit premature, but I would very much like to develop my project management and team leadership skills. I would very much like to take responsibility for a project or team in the next twelve months and I think developing those skills now would make the transition easier.
  2. What concerns you about this job?
    Answer:I have no concerns about this job. I believe it closely matches my skill set and is a natural progression in my career. I look forward to the challenge but am confident that I can make a success of this role.
  3. What concerns you about this company?
    Answer:I have no concerns about this company. My research has shown that ABC Corp is dedicated to the development and advancement of its staff. I’ve also learnt that the benefits package is one of the best within the industry.
  4. How long would it take before you could contribute to this company?
    Answer:I’d need to get a better idea of the full responsibilities associated with this job, along with an idea of the complexities of each.
  5. When would you expect your next promotion?
    Answer:It’s difficult to give an exact time without knowing the personnel structure within XYZ Corp and specifically the line of responsibility associated with this position. However, I’m an ambitious person and through hard work, dedication, and with the guidance of a good manager, I aim to gain my next promotion as soon as possible, ideally ahead of ‘normal’ timeframes.
  6. Why are you seeking a new job?
    Answer:I’ve worked with ABC & Co for three years. During that time I’ve achieved all of the goals I set myself and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Now, however, my aspirations extend beyond those of ABC & Co. I would like to tackle a new challenge in a different environment.
  7. Where do you see this company going?
    Answer:XYZ Corp is the number three firm in the corporate security sector. The company does not hide the fact that it wants to lead the sector within two years. I believe that the firm can achieve this. It’s a young company with a dynamic workforce and a tremendous growth rate. XYZ Corp’s bright future make it a very attractive place to work.
  8. If you were offered this job, what factors will dictate whether you accept it or not?
    Answer:I’m at various stages of the interview process with a number of firms at the moment. My preferred position will be in a company that offers a challenging environment, a prospect for promotion, and a rewarding working experience. It’s important to me that I work for a company with bright prospects and strong desire for success. Obviously XYZ Corp is one of my preferred companies.
  9. This is a much bigger company than you’ve ever worked at. How do you feel about that?
    Answer:I’m very excited. I’ve worked at three small or medium sized companies during my career and while there have been different challenges at each, I’ve always been successful. I’m looking for a new challenge in a large organization where I can apply my talents. This position in XYZ Corp certainly matches what I’m looking for
  10. This is a much smaller company than you’ve ever worked at. How do you feel about that?
    Answer:It’s great. I’ve learnt a lot working in a large organization and I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience in a smaller arena. I’m under no illusions that the task ahead will be every bit as challenging as my previous role, if not more so, but it’s a challenge that I’d relish.
  11. What do you know about our products?
    Answer:I know that XYZ Soft specialize in the development of software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The firm’s best-selling products are leaders in the field – the XYZ Project Management Tool and the XYZ Personnel Management Tool. I feel that XYZ Soft has a solid product and customer base upon which it can build in the future. I understand that the firm’s aim is to develop existing and new products with the aim of breaking into the Corporate sector. It’s an ambitious aim but one that I believe XYZ Soft are more than capable of achieving. A major attraction of this position is the opportunity it offers to be a part of the challenging and exciting times ahead at XYZ Soft.
  12. If offered to you, how long do you plan to stay in this role?
    Answer :I approach every new job with a long-term view. I would like to think that I can make a positive contribution to XYZ Corp for the foreseeable future.
    2. What kind ofsalaryare you seeking?
    Answer1 : I would expect a salary which reflects the experience and qualifications that I bring to the role. What range do you have in mind?
    Answer2 : I’ve got a strong background in this industry and my skills are a perfect match for this role. I would expect my compensation to be at the upper end of the position’s salary band. Can you tell me what that salary band is?
    Answer3 : Based on the information I have about the position, a salary in the range 28,000-32,000 would reflect the experience and expertise that I would bring to the role.
    3. What do you think it takes to be successful in an organization like this?
    Answer :I think that determination, a willingness to work hard and a desire to excel in everything you do are key attributes for a successful employee in a company like XYZ Corp. A successful employee would also need to handle pressure well, be a great communicator and an excellent team member. These are attributes that have helped me succeed in my past positions and ones that I would like to apply in XYZ Corp..
    4. What do you know about this organization?
    Answer :I know that XYZ Corp. has been in existence for four years. It was founded by John Rush in his garage and he has built it into the third largest office supplies firm in the state with aspirations to make it number one within two years. It’s renowned as an ambitious and highly progressive company and I believe it has a very bright future. I also like the fact that XYZ Corp isn’t a company that rests on its laurels.
    5. What do you know about the position you’ve applied for?
    What duties do you think this job entails?

    Answer :The Media Marketing Co-ordinator reports to the Marketing Director. Her role is to co-ordinate all media advertising, particularly print, radio, and television. The Co-ordinator works with Media agencies to profile advertising opportunities, then, working within a strict budget, she organizes cross-media advertising campaigns. An important aspect of the role is to disseminate the customer response to the adverts in order to measure its success and thus improve future campaigns.
    At my last job in ABC & Co I worked closely with several different media agencies, including some that specialized in new media platforms such as the Internet. I also gained invaluable experience as a member of the team that established ABC & Co as a national brand by launching ABC DooDaa nationwide. I feel that I can bring this expertise to the Media Marketing Co-ordinator role and help XYZ Corp achieve it’s goal of doubling it’s customer base every year for the next three years.
    6.What do you know about this industry?
    Answer :The telecommunications industry is currently going through a period of rapid expansion. The major industry players are positioning themselves for the delivery of the next generation of telecommunication services. New developments in mobile, broadband and satellite communications mean that it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the industry. I’ve no doubt that the telecommunications industry will be a driving force of the worldwide economy in the 21st century. I know that XYZ Corp intends to be a frontrunner in that expansion. For that reason, this job is highly attractive.
    7. Why would you like to work for me?
    Answer :I’ve been aware of your reputation for some time. You’re regarded as an innovator within the industry and beyond. I appreciate that your team’s success is due to a number of factors, not least of which is hard work. I’m an excellent team player, I’m a very good problem solver, and I work hard to get the job done. For these reasons, I’m confident I’d be an asset to your group. I hope that my experience shows I’m suitably qualified to fulfill the position.
    I know that your position within this firm speaks for itself. My ideal manager is someone that fosters excellence, innovation, and success, as well as personal and professional growth. It’s widely recognized that XYZ Corp’s strongest asset is its staff thanks to its strong belief in training and development. For these reasons, this is a highly desirable role.
    8. What challenges do you think you’ll face in this job?
    What problems do you think you’ll face in this job?

    Answer :Having worked in a similar role at ABC & Co, I expect that this job will present regular deadlines to meet, strains on resource availability, conflicting priorities, and budgetary concerns to name but a few issues. These are challenges that I’ve successfully tackled in the past and I’m sure that record would continue here. I relish a challenge and there’s nothing that I’ve seen in this job that intimidates me in any way.
    9. What salary do you think you deserve?
    Answer :Having worked in the advertising industry for seven years, I bring a valuable combination of expertise, experience and dedication to each new job. I expect that a compensation towards the top of the salary range for this position would adequately reflect the value of my skills.
    10. What is your salary history? Do you expect that pattern to continue?
    Answer 1 :(Candidate with good salary increases)
    In the four years of my employment at ABC & Co I was very happy with my salary growth. My most recent increase was a 15% rise after the successful completion of a year-long project. I feel that the increase reflected my performance and the extra responsibilities I assumed during the course of the project. I hope XYZ Corp is an organization that rewards excellent performances in a similar fashion. Is it?
    Answer 2 :(Candidate with disappointing salary increases)
    My average salary increase during the course of my career has been 6%, although as I moved jobs and assumed extra responsibilities that increase has invariably been higher. Unfortunately I was disappointed with the salary increases at my last job, which averaged 2.5% . This was due to a firm-wide rigid salary structure that I felt did not reward excellent employees over those that made a significantly worse effort. This is one of the reasons that I have decided to look for a job with a more ambitious company where I will be rewarded according to my performance.