Cts Interview Questions for Freshers – Core Java and Oops

CTS Interview Questions for freshers

1 What is JVM (Java Virtual Machine)?2 What is JIT (Just- in-Time) Compilation?

3 What is Object Oriented Programming?

4· What’s a Class?

5· What’s an Object?

6· What’s the relation between Classes and Objects?

7· What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?

8· How do you implement inheritance in Java?

9· How can we implement polymorphism in Java?

10· What is an Abstract class?

11· What are Abstract methods?



12· What’s the difference between “Abstract” classes and “Interfaces”?

13· What’s difference between Static and Non-Static fields of a class?

14· What are inner classes and what’s the practical implementation of inner classes?

15· What are packages?

16· What is a constructor in class?

17· Can constructors be parameterized?

18· What is the use if “instance of” keyword?

19· What are Native methods in Java?

20· How do refer to a current instance of object?