Import Duty-free Goods With Section 321 Entry

Under Section 321 entry, businesses can import goods worth $800 or less into the US without incurring duties and taxes, providing an affordable solution to reduce international shipping costs and fulfillment expenses.

At present, only importers or customs brokers acting on their behalf can file informal entries with CBP under Entry Type 86. As this program is still being tested and may have certain limitations such as one shipment per day, certain restrictions do apply such as one per shipment per day.

Avoiding Taxes and Duty Fees

Recent changes to De Minimis now enable ecommerce businesses to import products duty and tax-free into the US, making sourcing and production more cost-effective – so they can pass those savings onto customers. Furthermore, this program helps speed up cross-border shipping processes which is beneficial both to you and your customers.

Ecommerce’s rapid expansion has resulted in an explosion of Section 321 clearances; more than 2 million goods per day are processed duty-free using this method! This means your goods can go directly to a distribution partner or customer faster without formal customs processing being involved; however, be mindful that the program has its limitations; run numbers and discuss with your team on how it might impact them, particularly if they use third-party logistics (3PL).

Streamlining the Importation Process

As an importer, there are various logistics to keep in mind when shipping products across borders. Customs fees, taxes and duties all affect expected shipping costs; practicing efficient importation can save your business money in the long run while simultaneously increasing profits.

One way of accomplishing this is through Section 321, a shipment type which permits goods valued under $800 USD to enter the US without submitting an entry summary or paying duties and taxes.

Customers looking to purchase low-cost items produced outside the US will find this a useful option, while it could also prove advantageous for e-commerce businesses that sell their products overseas directly into the US market.

Businesses unsure whether their shipments qualify for Section 321 should consult a licensed customs consultant, who can help them to assess if they can claim this status and avoid penalties. Furthermore, consulting ensures that an ACE eManifest is filed correctly with CBP along with all necessary documentation.

Finding Items That Are More Profitable to Import

Ecommerce’s growth has given companies another route into the US without incurring duty fees or fulfilling formal entry requirements: Section 321. This entry type enables low-value shipments to bypass customs processing more easily; but, to do so accurately you must accurately estimate their shipment’s value before providing CBP with all of their information.

With tariffs driving up importing costs, it may be beneficial to claim 321 on low-value items manufactured overseas and shipped directly to your customers in the US. Doing this will allow you to minimize shipping costs while also preventing potential delays at customs.

Entry Type 86 also makes fulfilling online orders faster, which has been reported as one of the primary drivers of customer satisfaction for online shoppers. According to studies, speedy shipping was seen as second most essential when purchasing products online. Integrating Entry Type 86 into your ecommerce processes will help increase online sales while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and satisfaction ratings.

Getting Started

Running an e-commerce business can be a challenging endeavor, with numerous hurdles such as global logistics and shipping issues, navigating trade laws, managing costs, and keeping costs under control a constant challenge. One way of mitigating costs is using Section 321, which enables shipments valued below $800 to enter duty free into the US without formal entry fees being assessed upon importation.

To claim Section 321 entry on a shipment, submit an eManifest with details about shipper, consignee, value and country of origin. Keep in mind that only one claim per day can be submitted – do not miss your chance!

This program aims to increase trade compliance and strengthen border security by giving businesses access to this new customs entry type, Entry Type 86. Furthermore, this streamlines importing and clearing shipments subject to inspection resulting in savings, faster clearance times, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.