POE 3.21 Best Tornado Shot Build & POE Currency Farming Guides

Are you looking for a busted Bow build in Path of Exile, which not only can map efficiently but can also beat all endgame bosses, including their Uber variant? Today, I got for you a powerful Tornado Shot build one that is designed to put Bow builds back into the map.

Why Tornado Shot Build?

The skill fire secondary projectiles from each primary projectile. And what most people do not know is that each secondary projectile deals with full damage and POE Currency. And multiple secondary projectiles originating from different primary ones can hit an enemy.

This means that theoretically Tornado Shot damage can be multiplied by its arrow count and that’s why it’s generally considered the best Bow skill in the entire game.

What About Defenses?

Don’t get tricked by the law amount of life we have, as this build not only has 100% spell suppression, but it also has 70,000 evasion rating. You end up running like 50 maps without getting hit once, which is quite impressive.


The ascendancy in this build is Raider. First, we begin with Rapid Assault. Having access to permanent onslaught buff from as early as Act 3 is very good for leveling.

After that, this not only becomes useful for unlocking the one behind it and that is Avatar of the Chase. This one doubles the effect of onslaught on us and grants us 10% more chance to evade attacks and buy POE Currency all the time. This goes really well with our massive evasion pull.

Next, we have Way of the Poacher. This node acts as a mean of generating Frenzy Charges for us. It also increases their maximum count by one.

Finally, we have Avatar of the Slaughter. This node grants us many different bonuses based on how many Frenzy Charges we have. It should be noted that we aren’t going all out on stacking Frenzy Charges on this belt. However, it’s still nice to have some of them as they rivaled at the Deadeye ascendancy in terms of damage. But with that being said, we are done with our ascendancy.

Passive Tree

Now, let’s take a look at our passive tree.

Our tree focuses on Frenzy Charges, attack nodes, bow nodes, crit nodes, life, speed and frenzy charge scaling nodes.

Next, we got one large cluster jewel setup going. This one adds the following notables: Feed the Fury, Heavy Hitter and Fuel the Fight.

Next, for Mastery choices, make sure to take the “1% increased Projectile Damage per 16 Dexterity” Projectile Mastery, as it is a massive damage boost on its own. You should also take “increases and reductions to Projectile Speed also apply to projectile damage while wielding a bow” (Bow Mastery) and with that, we are done with our tree and POE Orbs.


Now, let’s talk about items. It should be noted that the build is absolutely not budget, such as the case with most good Bow builds in this game. They just don’t feel good to play without expensive POE Items.

For our weapon, we go to generic deck stacking bow (Havoc Reach Thicket Bow) with added cold damage to attacks per 10 Dexterity that alongside attack speed, crit chance and +2 arrows. The rest of the nodes are optional, although it’s nice if you can get flat cold damage as well.

Our next item is Hyrri’s Ire unique chest. This one is a standard option for any cold based bow build. It provides us with flat added cold damage to attacks, spell suppression, dexterity and lots of evasion. Literally, this is the best in-slot option and can be beaten by any other rare chest.

Next, we have a deck stacking amulet (Pandemonium Torc Onyx Amulet). You are looking for increased dexterity, increased attributes, and 1% increased damage per 15 dexterity. Optional mods are crit multi, life and increased projectile speed & damage. Make sure to anoint Whispers of Doom on your amulet as we are applying two curses in this build.

Now, for our quiver, we got a GG Mirror Tier quiver that has every damage mod you can think of. Every league, you are going to find something like this listed for Mirror service. You can POE Currency buy to get yourself a copy or just use the Poised Prism unique quiver as it almost gives you the same damage as this one.

Next, we got Fractal Thoughts unique helm, a pretty standard POE Item for any deck stacking Bow build. It gives us 40% crit multi, 15% increased dexterity and 1% increased Elemental Damage per 10 dexterity. You just need to balance your attributes right to benefit from this helm, which is an easy thing to do in this build. Just make sure to get the Tornado Shot fires one additional secondary projectile enchant as it’s still the best possible enchant for Tornado Shot in terms of damage.

Aside from that, we need the rare gloves (Plague Paw Clasped Mitts) with high dexterity, attack speed life and resistances that alongside cold exposure and chance to intimidate enemies on head Eldritch Implicits.

Next, we got a ring (Rune Hold Ruby Ring) with Frostbite curse on head. It also has crit multi, attributes and life.

Our second ring is the corrupted Le Heup of All Iron Ring evolved with increased dexterity implicit. I was lacking on resistances so I decided to get this one.

Now, for our belt, we got one (Torment Bond Stygian Vise) with lots of dexterity and damage. Ideally, I want to have some life instead. However, I was able to get this belt for a pretty good deal, which is nice anyway.

Last but not least, we got a pair of boots (Maelstrom Spur Two-Toned Boots) with elevated Onslaught and elevated Tailwind. We also have Elusive, moving speed and life. How could your boots are going to depend on how much you are willing to spend on this belt, although crafting elevated boots is always cheaper than buying them. So, preparing enough POE Orbs is very important.


Now, let’s talk about gems.

For our main 6-Link, we have Tornado Shot, Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks, Awakened Cold Penetration, Divergent Inspiration, Bone Chill and Hypothermia.

Next, we got another 6-Link. This one has all of our auras in it. We got Hatred, Grace, Herald of Ice, level one Clarity, level one Precision, and level four Enlighten.

Our next gem setup is a 4-Link damage support. This one contains Sniper’s Mark, Mark on head, Enhance and Lifetime support.

Our last gem setup contains some leftover gems. These are Dash, Second Wind, Steelskin and the Portal gem.


Now, let’s talk about jewels.

For our Watcher’s Eye, I we have increased base crit chance while affected by Hatred and increased moving speed while affected by Grace.

Next, we have one Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel. Place it in this specific socket to maximize its effect. This tool adds random bonuses to all notables within its range. You want to get one that adds as many dexterity bonuses to your tree. Aside from that, you can have increased attack speed, crit chance and increased Elemental Damage.

Next, we have one Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh Jewels. Both of these must mention Endless Munition Deadeye as the ascendancy node. Firing more arrows equals more damage. It is that simple.

Finally, any remaining jewel socket you have left should be filled with the normal rare jewel like this one (Apocalypse Mark Viridian Jewel). We are looking for life, dexterity, attack speed and resistances if you still need them.