How Smart Home Adoption is Impacting Society in 2023

Smart homes are no longer as luxurious as has been in the past. The benefits that a smart home brings forth are hard to ignore. Increased convenience and comfort, money-saving possibilities, and enhanced security are some of the advantages luring homeowners to smart home technology. Additionally, as smart home technology advances, so are the prices going down, making it possible to adopt smart home tech on a budget. Going to 2023, homebuyers are likely to go for homes that are already fitted with smart home tech as compared to conventional homes. With smart home technology being the rage, which trends can homeowners look out for in 2023, and how are they going to impact lives?

Artificial Intelligence of Things

One of the things homeowners look for before building their homes is designs for smart homes that prioritize connectivity. This is where IoT devices connect to one another in a single network, allowing them to communicate with each other to perform tasks. Smart lighting systems can detect when a person enters or leaves a room and turns the lights on or off accordingly. Likewise, a smart door lock helps open doors automatically when they sense a person approaching.

A new emerging trend that is likely to popularize in 2023 is AIoT. IoT devices collect data that can be used for analytical purposes. It is only after the integration of artificial intelligence that these devices are able to make sense of the data and use it intelligently. nami AI notes that “Instead of constant manual input, physical devices and infrastructure (enablers), in conjunction with AI algorithms, are able to learn occupant preferences and routines over time.” This creates an intelligent home that knows what the occupant needs without human intervention. For instance, a smart thermostat can collect data about a home’s temperature and adjust the temperature to the perfect level, keeping in mind the weather and time of the day. Or different sensors can help you detect movement around or inside your building. These sensors make owners feel more secure about any movement from potential intruders. 

Smart security

Security is of paramount importance in any home. For this reason, homeowners looking for smart technology upgrades in 2023 can’t go wrong with smart home security technology. Smart security has advanced, which has resulted in the need to advance also the designs of buildings. In order for homeowners to enjoy an added layer of security with the ability to monitor their homes remotely, some of them have chosen to use engineering services to adapt their traditional spaces to smart ones. Some of the features to look out for are smart locks, motion detectors, and video doorbells. With a smart lock, homeowners can even create passcodes for people visiting the home. Video doorbells allow homeowners to see a video of the person at the door and can also communicate with them. What’s better is that the connected app saves the video clip for future reference. Additionally, motion detectors sense the presence of a person, which helps prevent burglary.

Smart health tech

The COVID-19 pandemic led many people to be conscious of their health, something that isn’t going anywhere any soon. It is only right that homeowners consider smart upgrades that are going to impact their health positively in 2023. One popular trend in this area is sleep tech which is focused on improving the sleep experience for occupants. Smart night buds with sleep stories and soothing music, comforting weighted blankets, and blue light blockers among other devices help you fall asleep faster. 

Smart toilet

Homeowners looking to upgrade their bathrooms in 2023 could go for smart toilets. These come with a variety of features to help improve the toilet experience. Nightlights that turn on in the dark, touchless flushing, and self-closing lids are great at creating a truly inclusive environment for homes with kids, people living with disabilities, and elderly occupants. Some smart toilets have clog-detection capabilities. If a clog is detected, flushing is prevented, which prevents an overflow. In addition, an advanced smart toilet can help you monitor your health. These come with sensors that analyze the skin and waste for health issues.

Smart home office

Working from home is a growing trend that is likely to continue rising in 2023. For homeowners working from home, upgrading their home office with smart technology can go a long way in improving productivity and efficiency. One notable trend for smart offices is sound masking. Noise distractions from kids or noisy neighbors are common when working from home. Sound masking raises ambient noise that makes noise coming from the outside or the next room less distracting.


Smart homes are on the rise, and 2023 is likely to see further growth in the sector. Homeowners who want to make upgrades in the coming year can keep an eye on the latest trends that are likely to add value to their homes. A good place to start is AIoT to make homes truly intelligent. Other trends to keep in mind are advanced smart security, smart office, smart toilets, and smart health tech among others.