Overview of Indibet Online Bookmaker

Indibet bookmaker is well regarded and popular in Bangladesh, with 1,401 slots in its portfolio. Reviewers (from 11 overseas developers) accept that there’s sure to be something to be found with this option. The site is mobility-optimized for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, live dealers are available (3 operators), and the casino games work well in the bay. No down-loadable client version for all modern web browsers. Additional services include virtual and cyber sports and sports betting.

Registration Rules and Сonditions

To get the maximum benefit from playing with the bookie, you have to be at least 18 years old.

  • There are some of the terms and conditions of registration which include;
  • You are required to submit accurate information prior to registration;
  • In order to enter into a contract with the bookie, you must be of legal age;
  • You must provide your information to ensure and confirm that you are a real person and created the account personally;
  • You may only use the account for gaming activities;
  • You must not transfer your account to anyone;
  • Betting rules are subject to change by Indibet at any time.

How to register at Indibet – Step-by-step Instruction

To sign up or register with indibet, you need to follow the guidelines given in this article. To have a registered account, it is very important to know the age tag that Indibet allows for each bettor. The minimum age to participate in Avebet is 18. If you are under this age range, you will not be able to register as we require sensitive information during the registration process. Here are the Indibet registration guidelines:

  1. To register with Indibet, search the web;
  2. Enter your name and other important information on the “Register” tab.
  3. Please enter your username;
  4. Enter your email address;
  5. Please enter your phone number.
  6. Include the code you get after entering it.
  7. Please enter the currency of your country.
  8. Please enter your email password.
  9. If you have a promo code, please enter your promo code.
  10. Please fill in the necessary information and click “Register”.

How to log in to Indibet

To log in to Indibet, you need to open an account and provide your details, be verified and then you will be able to access your account. To log in to Indibet, you must be registered on the Indibet website and be a verified user. Below are the steps to log in to your Ababet account;

  1. To log in, search for Indibet on the web;
  2. Click on the “Login” tab and you will be taken to a new web page;
  3. Enter your registered phone number;
  4. Enter your password;
  5. Click to confirm your login.

How To Make First Deposit On Indibet

To make your first deposit, it must be from an account with your name. If this is not abided by, the return or warranty of such a fund is at the discretion of this gaming company. The minimum deposit is 500 IRN, and the maximum withdrawal a day is 200 000 IRN. Steps to make your first deposit are what we will outline below:

  1. Register with Indibet;
  2. Proceed to log in to your account;
  3. Scroll downwards where you have different tabs;
  4. Click on the tab,”deposit” to make a deposit;
  5. Select any payment method you want;
  6. Lastly, click on make payment.

After you click on the deposit tab, you will be directed to this page, then you can input the payment method you wish to. You can pick:

The Debit card option;



Conclusions on Indibet

After reading the whole review, we can say that it is easy to pass registration with Indibet. The site supports registration from users from Bangladesh. The site lives up to the claimed features. You will definitely have a good experience with this bookmaker. The design and interface is pleasant and unremarkable. Having registered an account, you can quickly log in. Deposit options are also simple and easy. Be sure to try the interaction with the site and you will not regret it.