How To Choose Security for An Apartment is especially?

The question of how to choose an alarm for an apartment is especially acute in modern realities. As police statistics show, burglary is becoming more and more common every year. Along with material damage, such acts endanger the life and health of property residents. Security alarms help keep you and your property safe.

This is a simple and Affordable Blinds & Shutters way to prevent criminals and keep everything under control. High-quality uninterrupted operation of systems is the key to the safety of housing and the guarantor of personal peace of mind. Further in the article, we will consider what you should pay attention to when choosing security devices for your home, we will analyze in detail the types of alarms in the apartment, the types of sensors, their functions and advantages.

Types of apartment alarms

Choosing a security system for a house or apartment is a serious undertaking, which implies the presence of certain knowledge in this area. The range of modern protection devices today is quite diverse. The equipment is classified by functionality, installation method, price and other parameters. Before choosing an alarm home security for an apartment, you should decide on its type, taking into account your individual needs. There are the following types of systems:

  • Autonomous
  • Control room
  • GSM

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Autonomous alarm includes security sensors that respond to movement, breaking windows, opening or closing doors, etc. Signaling devices are light-emitting elements, sound sirens. The built-in battery is responsible for autonomous operation. Depending on the number of connected sensors, the system can operate on battery power in emergency format for 1-2 days.

The principle of operation of autonomous equipment is as follows: when the sensor is triggered, the electronic unit receives a signal, activates the executive system and warns of penetration. If a stranger tries to enter a private area where this type of protection is installed, an alarm sound. Bright light and shrill sound scare away the thief. Statistics show that 95% of intruders stop after such a signal is triggered.

Remote alarm is considered one of the most popular security devices among consumers. When the sensors are activated, a special electronic unit transmits an alarm notification to the main control panel of the security guards. To achieve maximum fault tolerance of devices, several signal transmission channels can be used in parallel. As soon as the alarm is triggered, the operator immediately sends a rapid response team to the protected facility. At the same time, a notification of unauthorized entry into the apartment is sent to the smartphone of its owner.

GSM-alarm system is the most modern type of protection system. The principle of its operation is to sound a signal and send a text alert to the owner’s smartphone. This device can be wired or wireless. The first type is considered the most practical, since it does not require changing batteries, and its range is not limited.

The GSM device has the following advantages:

  • Simultaneously notifies security and property owners about the incident
  • Works with all types of phones, on any operating platforms
  • Consumes a minimum amount of electricity, which allows, with appropriate equipment, to work autonomously for several days

When choosing a GSM alarm, in addition to the standard stand-alone set of devices, a transmitting GSM module is installed at the facility. It can be built-in or connected to the central unit. When the touch sensor is triggered, light devices and sound sirens turn on, transmitting an alarm signal to the owner of the property via a smartphone. The notification can come not only to one phone, it is possible to connect several numbers.

Decide what needs protection should cover?

The choice of alarm must be approached responsibly, since the safety of your property directly depends on the right decision. First of all, you should understand what you want to get from security equipment: do you need a conventional alarm system for triggering sensors or do you need a prompt response from operational groups (police, fire service, ambulance, RRT) with a visit to the place of emergency.

It is also necessary to answer the question, what tasks do you expect from the equipment: protection from intruders, timely notification of leakage, fire, smoke, temperature fluctuations in the room. To help in choosing a security alarm system, our specialists are always ready. They will not only select the equipment in accordance with your requests, but also promptly install it at the facility. “Caesar Satellite” is professional security, affordable price and high quality.

What sensors are needed?

When choosing a security system, you should decide which sensors you need. This can only be intrusion detectors or additional devices – such as leakage, smoke, glass break sensors, etc. The right choice of equipment determines the effectiveness of the entire alarm system. The most popular sensors presented on the website of the security company “Caesar Satellite” are:

  • motion detectors – react to any movement of the heat source in the control zone, use mainly infrared radiation;
  • window / door opening sensor – its operation is based on the principle of operation of two magnets through which current circulates, the alarm is triggered when the electrical circuit is opened;
  • smoke detector – monitors changes in the environment, recognizes minimal smoke and sends an alarm signal to the control and receiving console;
  • leakage sensor – mounted at the bottom of the walls of kitchens / bathrooms / bathrooms, it works when water gets on moisture-sensitive elements;
  • temperature fixer – monitors changes in temperature in the room, when it goes beyond the established range, informs the owner of the apartment;
  • gas leak sensor – fixes an unacceptable threshold for the content of propane-butane, methane, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide in the air, promptly notifies the owner of the home.


The above devices can be used in almost any room. They are used to protect apartments, cottages, country houses, summer cottages. It is possible to use the equipment inside or outside the objects. Installation and configuration of sensors should be carried out by qualified employees of security companies, since only with professional installation, the protection system can show the highest return and efficiency.

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