How to Install a Doorbell Consists of Several Stages?

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If you decide to install a door lock yourself, then there is nothing difficult and any home master can cope with such a task. When performing installation work, certain rules must be observed, and if you install a wired model, you must have skills in working with electricity.

Connecting a doorbell

The process of connecting a doorbell consists of several stages.

  1. Preparation for installation: At this stage, it is determined whether a wired or wireless call will be installed. In the case of a wired model, it is necessary to calculate the required amount of cable and consider how it will be mounted. The cable can be hidden in the wall or placed in a decorative box. For a doorbell, it is enough to purchase a two-core copper cable with a cross section of 1.5 mm 2. At this stage, the location of the button and the notification device are also determined.
  2. Call setting:When installing a wired doorbell in the wall with a puncher, strobes are created, into which the cable will then hide. If the repair in the house is already completed, the cable is laid in a plastic box, which is mounted on the wall. After that, the button and the doorbell itself are fixed.
  3. Doorbell connection: First you need to turn off the power supply at home. After that, the cable is connected to the button, and then to the bell, and only then to the power supply system of the house or apartment. According to the connection diagram, the neutral wire is connected directly to the call from the apartment wiring, and the phase is connected to it through a button. When the button is pressed, the circuit closes and the bell starts to work.

Connecting wireless doorbell models is even easier. In this case, it is enough to simply fix the button and the body of the help call with self-tapping screws or double-sided tape. It remains to insert the batteries, and the call is set.

Dismantling and replacement of the bell

Although the doorbell is a reliable piece of equipment, sometimes it needs to be replaced. If this needs to be done with a wireless model, then no problems arise, just remove the failed button or main unit and install new ones in their place.

In the event of a failure of a button or the main unit of a wired call, there are also usually no difficulties. If the replacement is performed on a similar model, then it is enough to remove the button and the sound unit, and then disconnect them from the power supply. After that, according to the scheme described above, a new call is connected.

There are times when the wire is damaged. To repair this damage, you will have to remove the old wiring, and install the new wire in its place or lay it next to it. If it is necessary to install an electronic model instead of an electromechanical bell, then a small problem may arise.

This is due to the fact that in the first version the power is supplied from the mains and the button is installed in the circuit, and most electronic calls are battery operated. To install a new button, you will need to carry out construction work, and this is not always possible, so certain changes will have to be made to use the old button:

  • An electromagnetic bell is removed, and a device is installed in its place, which includes a step-down transformer, a rectifier and a relay
  • A new electronic bell is connected to the relay contacts. The transformer must provide a voltage of the order of 10–12 v on the secondary winding. This device is placed in a plastic case, installed next to the bell and connected to it using insulated wires.


If you want to install a good doorbell for your home. Make sure that you get the right one by reading this guide.