Online Game Nuances And Exciting Facts For Beginners

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. The game is based on luck, and players cannot do anything to increase their chances of success. But some numbers may come up more often than others.

You don’t have to go to an offline casino to play roulette. Many gambling apps support roulette as well as online casinos on PC. 

Roulette game

To begin with, it is worth explaining the game of roulette. The player puts chips on the mat with numbers, and only then the croupier throws the ball around the circle, which will stop on one of the numbers, and if it is chosen precisely this number, colour or range, the bet becomes a winning bet.

Many casinos offer an American or European version of roulette. The American has 38 pockets on the wheel, while the European has 37. The difference is the extra green pocket 00. Thus, thanks to one additional pocket on the wheel, the chances of winning in American roulette are already slightly higher, to be more precise, by 5.26% compared to 2.7% in European roulette.

What are the best numbers in roulette?

Roulette always produces random results, but experienced players would have differing views. They always bet on the hot numbers that fall out more often than others.

The number 17 usually falls out more often than others, although this has yet to be officially proven. It is most likely because this number is in the middle of the game wheel. Former Newcastle boss Mike Ashley famously won £1.3 million thanks to the legend of 17. Scottish actor Sean Connery also won five bets at an Italian casino by betting on 17.

There are also the numbers 23 and 24. These also attract the most experienced players. They are placed close to each other. Also, worth noting is the number 3 because many believe that luck comes in threes.

But it should be noted that all these “lucky numbers” are based on myths and beliefs.

What about colours?

  • Roulette has 18 red and 18 black cells. 
  • The odds are 50:50. But the game’s history shows that red falls out more often than black or green.

Placing bets by colour is the safest option. The chance of winning in American roulette is 47.4%, and in European roulette, 48.6%. Even so, you will not be able to cover half of the numbers in roulette, so in other words, there is always a 52.6% and 51.4% chance of losing in American and European roulette, respectively.

Unlucky numbers in online casino roulette

It is worth talking about the unlucky numbers of roulette. In Western culture, such a number is 13, so many people do not bet on it. Gamers also avoid the number 34, as it is the furthest away on the table and limits the chances of it falling out.

Zero or 0 and 6 are also avoided, although they cannot explain why.

The most profitable types of roulette

Currently, the most widespread are three types of roulette – European, French and American. Each has its features, although the meaning of this game in all three cases is the same. However, the critical feature of all the mentioned types of roulette should be recognized as the number of sectors “zero” and the presence or absence of the rule La Partage. European and French versions of the gambling game have only one “zero”, while the American – as many as two. The rule La Partage applies only in French roulette, where the player who falls “zero” returns half of the bet.

All the differences in the rules give the casino various advantages over the player. The least favourable for him is American roulette, where the advantage of the gambling establishment reaches 5 26%. Its European and French analogs in this regard are much more humane – 2, 7 and 1, 35%, respectively. That is why French roulette is the least popular among online casino operators. Nevertheless, if you aim to find a gambling establishment with this type of roulette, many of them exist.

Is the existence of more profitable roulette bets a myth?

One of the main differences between roulette and craps, and several other games, is that any bet does not affect the advantage of the casino, which remains unchanged. It will remain so even if you apply any betting system. However, this statement should be recognized as correct with some reservations.

However, most relate primarily to French roulette, where the casino advantage is reduced from 2, 7 to 1, 35% when playing on odds. When playing the American variation of the game, you should avoid betting on five numbers that include both sectors of the zero. Their payout ratio is 6: 1 with a casino advantage of 7 89%.

The usefulness of betting systems

Due to their warnings or to create comfortable conditions, many players prefer to use the game betting system, which there is a considerable number today. It is worth noting that all of them will bring to the game only a variety, without any practical benefit.

The most popular among players are the systems of Martingale, Parlay, Labouchere and d’Alamber, but they do not impact the casino’s advantage. The only thing you don’t need to do when applying betting systems is to spend money on paid playing strategies. As mentioned earlier, they are absolutely useless and often harmful since they need to consider the peculiarities of this or that variety of roulette. Therefore, they should be treated as nothing more than recommendations, which can be listened to, but not unthinkingly followed.