8 Popular Restaurants in Bhubaneswar to Calm Your Cravings Easily

While you are in Bhubaneswar, you will find delicious foods scattered around you in the city. However, sometimes we do not demand anything extra and just grab the best meal from the franchises that we can find in almost every city. However, Bhubaneshwar houses some of the best food treats with fantastic food options for all moods. Here are some of the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar where you can either dine or easily order food online. 

Wow Momos

Up for some momos? How about some wow momos? Yes, this place exists amongst the top restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar to serve the best momos in town. Reach out here online and explore the ultimate Momo Mania, including Veg Chilli Momo, Veg Momo Pav, Chicken Delight Steam Momo, Corn Cheese Steam Momo, Chicken Darjeeling Pan Fried Momo in Schezwan Sauce [Spicy], and so many other mouth-watering momo styles. This place is a must-visit, and you must order from places if you are too fond of momos. 

Burger King

Up for some burgers? Some delightful, crunchy, crispy and tasty burgers? Then Burger King has to be another place to order from. It is not just among the best restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar. Instead, it is way more than that, with an extensive range of lip-smacking burgers. Its vivid menu includes many burgers like Crispy Chicken Burger, Whopper Jr Chicken with Cheese Burger, and BK Chicken Double Patty Burger, etc. And it is not just about the burger; you will find several other foodie options at this one place, like Veg Taco, Chocolate Mousse Cup, Choco Lava Cup, Boneless Wings Regular, etc. Eat your heart out at this one place. 

Giani Ice Cream

Up for some ice cream? How about that giant, gorgeous grandeur of Giani? Truly, this can be the mood maker and the solution to all the problems. For this, Giani is among the top-rated ice cream hubs in town to savour heart-melting ice cream things. Its huge menu offers delicious cold treats like Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream, Mocha Brownie Ice Cream, Coffee Walnut Ice Cream, Red Velvet Ice Cream and a lot more. If you are looking for sweet treat restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar, then you surely know where you have to be. 

Keventers – Milkshakes & Desserts

Up for some shakes? How about that beautiful glass bottle with that delightful drink in it? For this, Keventers, one of the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar can be the place you have to be at. It offers a marvellous range of ice creams and shakes like Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake, After Dark Fantasy Sundae, Coconut Signature Ice Cream Shake, Cookies & Cream Signature Ice Cream Shake, Mocha Almond Fudge Brownie Signature Ice Cream Shake, etc. You will never be short of choices when you are in the mood to have some exotic shakes for the evening or the night. 

Delights By Inox

Up for a movie? Or a movie at home with friends, family, or just that one special person? Well, everything is possible when you can order a theatre feast while being at home. For this, Inox is live with its menu on Swiggy. Order the popcorn feasts and so much more right online. At Delights by Inox, you will find Popcorn Cheese Regular, Popcorn Caramel Regular, Mpop Natural – Pack Of 1, Schweppes (1 Ltr), Mpop Cheese – Pack Of 1, Large Nachos With Cheese Dip & Salsa, etc. 

Chappan Bhog

Up for the perfectly North Indian food from the restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar? Then Chappan Bhog has to surprise you 56 times. This place owns a wholesome and amazing menu loaded with North Indian delicacies. Its aromatic and delicious menu includes Mix Veg Korma, Chole Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Mushroom Masala, Mushroom Chilly, Prawn Mashala, Chicken Kasha, Chicken Biriyani, Veg Biriyani and everything more that you would desire when craving North Indian cuisine. With this, there are all the other Indian breads to savour with these amazing delights. 

Pizza Hut

Up for a pizza? Up for more pizzas? Up for a pizza party because its a friday night? Then you got to look at the exotic pizza range offered at your very own Pizza Hut. This hut has some of the iconic pizza things on its menu, like Schezwan Margherita – New, Mexican Fiesta – New, Cheezy Mushroom Magic – New, and Awesome American Cheesy – New. Along with this, you will also find many wholesome pizzas for a feast at your place. These options include 2 Personal Farmer’s Pick Pizzas @ Rs. 349, Super Value Deal : 2 Medium Veg Pizzas starting at Rs 649 (Save Upto 41%), etc. Also, if you are looking for restaurants in Bhubaneshwar to serve you with savoury garlic breads, then this eatery can be your place. 


Up for some lip smacking chicken? Then you should also consider KFC, considered in the list of one of the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar, to fulfil all your cravings for chicken in one go. For this, you will find so many chicken options, including burgers, chicken wings, and so much more. Its exciting menu includes wholesome chicken meals like Double Down Burger & Popcorn Meal, 2 Double Down Burgers, Chicken Longer Burger & 2 Strips Combo, and some foods focusing on the core chicken taste like Peri Peri Chicken Strips – 6 Pc, 2 Double Chicken Rolls, Classic Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo etc. Head online and satiate your chicken cravings in the easiest possible way. 

With these restaurants in Bhubhaneshwar, you will find your hunger settling down in no time. So, every time you want it, simply order it from Swiggy. This online platform has everything in one place. Be it burger, pizza, fries, or roti sabzi, Swiggy can give you everything. Moreover, each of the restaurants has a wholesome menu that they can serve in the least time. Avail the opportunity for the food hubs, and you will find everything coming straight to your home rather than hustling anywhere. Also, you are open to countless discount deals and offers to add a cherry on top of the cake. Enjoy it throughout.