Guide to choose the right Jeddah rent a Car Service

Being the buzzing port city on the Red Sea port of Saudi Arabia, it is also a Commerce and cultural hub. If you are visiting Jeddah for your business or vacations, you must have a very reliable means of transport to explore the city.

In this regard, many Jeddah rent a car services are helpful and offer very convenient and budget-friendly products and offers for visitors who want to hire a car for a day, week, or even for the month.

How to choose the Rent a car service

There are numerous rental services that you might choose from, but you must go for the most budget-friendly deal. That is why we have brought this guide for you so that you can find affordable cars in Jeddah.

1.Determine Your Needs:

The first thing that you have to look up while planning your trip to Jeddah is you have to determine your needs with the trip.

Group size:

Consider the number of people that you are traveling with and choose the car that can accommodate you accordingly.

Purpose of travel:

It is also very important to choose the car according to the nature of your stay in Jeddah. Obviously, the car selected for the business trip must be different from the one you want for the long drives. Onclick drive has the widest range to rent a car in Jeddah monthly.


Calculate all the internal and external costs very carefully before booking. Though luxury cars are easily available, they are very expensive to rent. It is wiser to rent an affordable car that you can easily rent for longer.

2. Compare Rental Agencies:

Though getting the right Jeddah rent a car is a bit tricky, you can do it by comparing the top 3 service providers.


Check reviews and testimonials online. You may also ask for recommendations.


Compare the per-hour and per-day rates according to the service and quality of cars.

Variety of cars:

See what kinds of cars they offer. The one who reviews better does not mean to be a good deal for you. By determining your needs, you can opt for the right car that might be small but comfortable and convenient in every aspect.

3. Check and read the Rental agreement:

Closely read out the agreement. Look for the price breakdown, insurance policy, and compensation policy in case of accidents.

See if there are any additional fees or amenity fees that you could tailor to reduce the cost.

4. Emergency contact information:

One of the many important features is the emergency contact information. Make sure that Jeddah rent a car service that you have chosen must have responsive emergency support. This will help you to contact the right person in case of sudden breakdowns or emergencies.

5. Features of the car:

Consider the features of the car as per the duration of your traveling. Check the navigation, entertainment systems, cleanliness, GPS, and air conditioning systems work well. Take into account features like leather seats, spacious interior, and tech arrangements.

6. Maintain the car:

During the agreement period, keep maintaining the car, as you do not need to pay additional charges while returning the vehicle. Keep checking tire pressure and oil level, and keep the car clean from inside and out.