Know How Ritu Kumar Dresses Will Help You Stand Out In Crowd And Look Fashionable

Since 1969, Ritu Kumar Label has continued as a prominent name in the Indian fashion industry. The brand’s sense of ancient designs and modern-day fashion trends has produced wonders for the customers to rejoice. Everyone from Bollywood A-listers to top entrepreneurs swear by Ritu Kumar dresses for daily affairs and special appearances. 

Even today, the label stands out from its contemporaries in colour, fabric quality and intricate embroidery – infused while finalising the dress designs. The ultimate focus of the brand is to push boundaries but, at the same time, come out with products that resonate with sheer elegance and clear style.  

How To Style According To Your Body?

Ritu Kumar dresses have surpassed the label of being just someone’s favourite. These cult must-haves suit every body, shape, age, nationality and style! In short, one can call them a global sensation that every designer dress lover wants to have in their collection. However, the brand specialises in designing various dress styles. And you must understand your body and choose the right dressing style for things to go as planned.  

  • Apple Body Shape

You have a heavier upper part than the lower body design in an apple-shaped or oval-shaped body type. Your shoulders are broad along with the bustline, with relatively smaller hips and thighs. The idea is to shift attention from the upper body and make things even. Wear dresses with a deep V neckline to create the illusion of an elongated torso. 

  • Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape is the most balanced, with a proportionate upper and lower body line. You can wear any dress type that suits your personal style and size. 

  • Pear Body Shape

You have a heavy lower body type compared to the upper portion. With the right dressing style, this body type is a blessing most girls dream of having. When you are up for choosing something out of Ritu Kumar Dresses, go for a printed strapless long dress or a multicoloured printed maxi dress with ruffle sleeves to create that perfect vibe.

  • Rectangle Body Shape

It is a fairly straightforward body type, with a well-balanced outlook from the shoulders to the hip. Remember, your legs and arms are your assets, so flaunt those. You can opt for off-shoulder short dresses from the Ritu Kumar label and stand out as a prominent face in the social gathering. 

  • Inverted Triangle

It’s an athletic-looking body type where your shoulders are much broader than the hips, and you must enhance them all. You can opt for halternecks, racerback and strapless styles. 

Your Personal Style Guide With Ritu Kumar Dresses 

Here is how you can style up with Ritu Kumar dresses for special occasions and everyday outings

For Party

For a party with a rave theme, you can definitely sport a printed asymmetric long dress from the Ritu Kumar label. When you are in for the slits and bold cuts and have a sophisticated and poised aura, a midi dress with a side slit and sweetheart sleeveless neckline is all you need.      

Dayout With Friends

When it’s the day you meet your gal pals, and there will be a lot of street shopping and carefree walks, get all comfy and ready with a crepe short dress, just your size. Or you can choose one made of cotton swiss dot that just ends above your knee. Team it up with appropriate sneakers or chappals, and you are good to go. 

Corporate Affair

In corporate events, there is always a particular dress code that everyone has to abide by. But you also want to flaunt the inner fashionista at the same time. Opt for a cut-away long dress with full sleeves and a V-neckline that suits your style. If you are comfortable and the dress code allows, opt for a single-coloured short dress with intricate detailing. Style up with the right pair of heels and a statement watch to stand out.    

Important Tips On Accessorizing For Your Ritu Kumar Dresses

Be it any dress type, here is the ultimate guide to accessorise the same: 

  • Always remember less is more. Keep the accessories minimal when you want everyone to notice your dress. 
  • Use a belt to break the monotony of an aline straight-cut dress that stretches to your ankles. 
  • Team up long neckpieces with plunging necklines. This also goes well with maxi dresses and t-shirt dress types. 
  • Statement earrings look great with V necklines and animal print dress designs. Choose contrasting colours when you want everyone to notice you in the crowd.  


Ritu Kumar dresses are a complete vibe! The brand, for its exceptional and distinguished service in craftsmanship and textile design, received the Padma Shri Award in 2013. For the loyal crowd, it’s the dainty intricacies and trendy designs by the brand which make people go all gaga over the conventional launches and beautiful styles.