Boosting Your Resume: Courses And Certifications For Jobs Abroad

Before the interview, the employer gets to know you from your CV. It represents your abilities, experience, and additional knowledge. From there, they learn basic information about you and decide whether you are worthy of attention. To make an employer more interested in you, you can use your CV at to share other documents that confirm your qualifications. These are certifications, courses, and other papers that show your experience and skills. However, you need to do it correctly and try to make your biography look good.

Why do jobseeker certificates and courses play an important role for companies abroad?

To understand why this is important, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you want to expand your team and find new talent to make them work well. If you can’t find the right people among the citizens of your country, you will look for them in other countries. Or the employer will immediately look for foreigners for work, specifically so that the company receives a new specialist with good knowledge and foreign experience.

In each of these cases, the employer will be looking at many employees who have submitted their feedback on their job opening on Layboard. You need to stand out. You can do this by talking about additional education.

How do courses and certificates affect salary and the chance to find a job?

Let’s consider several arguments that will prove that documents that show your specialization are important. It will give you an understanding of why you should invest in yourself. It is how additional education affects your chances of getting a better job:

Firstly, you are more likely to be noticed. It is especially important at the pre-interview stage. You are evaluated based on the information in your profile.

Secondly, if you have a lot of experience and achievements, it makes you a better specialist. Then you will receive a better salary.

Thirdly, it means that an employee from another country has a lot of experience. He can be useful because he will bring new experience to the team. 

Finally, it shows that you are developing. If you do not stand still but move forward, then you are a progressive person.

The fact that you have taken courses will give you more skills. They will make you a better specialist and help improve your CV. And the certificate will be a great indicator of your knowledge.

What are the certificates required to get a job abroad?

There are a wide variety of certificates you can get. They are valued abroad in all countries, both in the United States and in countries such as Qatar, Germany, New Zealand, and many others. Using the example of working as a driver, we will look at what will improve your CV:

  • Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL). It allows you to drive large commercial vehicles;
  • Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) Certification. This certificate will show the employer that you are responsible for safety;
  • Certified Professional Driver Programme (CPD). After completing a special program, you will receive a certificate confirming your knowledge. It will help you develop your skills and improve your CV;
  • Advanced Driver Training (ADT). There are many benefits to completing this program. These include improved skills, knowledge, and safety;
  • Certified Transportation Professional (CTP). By obtaining the highest level of professional achievement in public transport, you will become a sought-after professional.

These are illustrations of certificates for drivers. The example of this industry shows that by gaining new knowledge, you improve your qualifications. Finding a job abroad is easier for people who have a lot of achievements or knowledge. It’s important to get them, but you also need to have a document, that confirms it.

What are the benefits of a certificate and taking courses?

It’s great if, upon completion of your studies, you receive a document that shows that you have completed them. It is also useful when applying for a job. However, a paper that shows that you studied every day and passed a test is not as important. You must know. It is exactly what employers need from you.

At the interview, try to present your knowledge. Show that you are an expert in your field. It’s not just that you have an easy certificate to make your CV look better. Tell employers that you are interested in developing yourself. The company will be happy to hire such an employee and will trust you.

In addition to gaining an advantage over other candidates, you will increase your income. If you are a sought-after employee, companies will try to hire you. In addition, you will have a wider choice of jobs to choose from on a job search site.

Problems when filling out a CV

Your CV is the first thing an employer sees when they meet you. The first impression is needed to assess whether you are worth the time and attention to interview with you. To highlight your additional education, create a separate category. This way, your achievements will be immediately visible. This will make your profile easier to navigate.

Do not abbreviate titles. Write the full name of the courses you have taken so that your specialization can be understood immediately. Few people want to spend their time figuring out what kind of education you have. 

In addition, there are different opinions on whether it is worth writing in your CV that you have taken courses in other specialties. Some believe that it is better to do so to show that you are a versatile person who is an expert in many things. Others say it’s bad because it will distract employers. So it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. But what is clear is that certificates and courses in your specialty will help you get a good position abroad.


What is written on your profile on the job search platform is how the employer gets to know you. Try to make the resume not only visually attractive. Additional education and work experience will help you get more chances to interest yourself.

Each profession has its certificates that are needed and will give you more advantages. So before that, familiarize yourself with them and choose which one you need. The next stage is studying and passing exams. Don’t be afraid to learn new things and improve your skills. Do not stand still, but develop. Only moving forward will help you get a better salary and job.