The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Texas ESI ID

Your ESID is an essential piece of information when shopping for Texas electricity. It helps energy companies identify which TDU services your home or business and plays a role in metering and enrollment.

The easiest way to locate your ESI ID is by looking at your electricity bill, typically near the top. It’s a 17 or 22-digit number.

What is an ESI ID?

An ESID, or Electric Service Identifier, is a unique number your local utility company assigns to every electricity meter at a specific address. This identifier helps ensure that electricity is delivered to the right place and also streamlines the process of finding energy plans and switching providers in a deregulated market.

ESIDs can be 17 or 22 digits long and are designed to work similarly to how a social security number works for homes and businesses. They identify the specific electricity meter at an address. They are used by retail energy providers, your local utility, and your transmission and distribution service provider to verify that you are getting the correct power for your address.

When you move into a new home, the builder typically has the local utility install a smart meter and establish an ESID before they turn the house over to you. Once you have an ESID, it is essential to always keep it with you when shopping for a new energy plan or if you ever want to switch providers.

The ESID lookup tool allows you to enter your ESID and your service address to instantly retrieve the information from your local utility company’s database about which REP services your home. Always double-check that the ESID returned for your address is correct before you decide on an energy plan since you want to avoid accidentally signing up for electricity at someone else’s house.

How do I find my ESI ID?

ESI IDs (or Electric Service Identifier IDs) are the unique 17 or 22-digit numbers assigned to each electricity meter in Texas. These identifiers help Retail Energy Providers know which transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP or TDU) services your property so they can enroll you in an electricity plan and correctly track your energy usage.

While ESI IDs can sometimes be stamped on the side of your electricity meter, it’s much more common to find your Texas ESI ID on your electricity bill. Look for the number near the top of your bill, listed under your account number. You can also use our ESI ID search tool to get your ESI ID, and many electricity comparison marketplaces will automatically pull it from your service address when you browse plans.

Using an ESI ID lookup tool makes it easy to compare electricity plans in Texas and lock in cheap rates. Enter your zip code and home or business address to pull up dozens of plans available. If your ESI ID search returns results such as “Inactive Meter” or “No Address Found,” this typically means that the building is under construction and the meter has yet to be set by your TDU. If this is the case, contacting your TDU and verifying that the address you entered is correct is essential.

How do I change my ESI ID?

In Texas, you can find your ESI ID on every electricity bill. The ESI ID is a unique number that allows electricity companies to identify your residence or business on the Texas power grid and ensure that you receive electricity from the right place. Unlike a meter number, the ESI ID is permanent and won’t change even if you switch energy providers.

Whether you live in a deregulated electricity market or not, knowing your ESI ID is essential in understanding how to shop for the best electricity rates. 

You can search your ESI ID by calling your property’s utility company. This is often your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (or TDU). However, it would help if you kept in mind that your ESI ID may not be directly accessible by the TDU.

How do I get a new ESI ID?

Your ESI ID, or Electric Service Identifier Number, is to your home or business, as your social security number is to your identity. It helps to keep records of your electricity consumption and is used by energy companies and the local utility to identify and locate your electric meter.

ESI ID numbers are 17 to 22 digits assigned to your meter(s) and can be found on your bill. They also help to verify your service address during enrollment with Texas-deregulated energy providers.

If you have recently moved to a new house or are looking for the best electricity rates in Texas, your ESI ID is one of the most critical pieces of information you need to know. Keeping a digital copy and updating your ESI ID on any online payment portals will make switching energy plans or moving houses much more accessible.

If you’re in a brand new house and your ESI ID search returns an error such as “Inactive Meter” or “No Address Found,” then this indicates that your local utility has yet to install a meter at your address. Contact your TDU for assistance setting up electric service at your new home. For more information on how to get started, check out this blog post.