What Are Top Living Room Curtains To Elevate Style

Curtains not only serve a functional purpose by controlling light and providing privacy, but they also add a touch of elegance and charm to your space. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of living room curtains, with a special focus on top picks from the Curtarra website. Let’s explore the beauty of Heavyweight Linen Curtains, Lesley Linen Blend Curtains, and Blanche Cotton Blend Linen Look Curtains.

Top stylish living room curtains

Here are the top stylish living curtains to elevate style:

Sabrina Heavyweight Linen Curtains

Sabrina Heavyweight Linen Curtains are the real deal when it comes to adding style and functionality to your windows. Made from a blend of 30% linen and 70% polyester, these curtains offer the perfect balance between natural texture and durability. The linen texture pattern gives them a classic and timeless look that can effortlessly complement any decor. These curtains are also designed to provide excellent light-blocking capabilities, blocking out 40% to 50% of the sunlight that tries to sneak into your space. With a substantial fabric weight of 385 GSM, they drape beautifully and feel luxurious to the touch.

These curtains come in a whopping maximum width of 360 inches, giving you the freedom to cover even the most expansive windows. When it comes to length, you can go as long as 240 inches, and if you need extra length, simply rotate the fabric 90 degrees to meet your desired measurements.

Taking care of your Sabrina Heavyweight Linen Curtains is a breeze. You can either gently machine wash them or opt for a dry cleaning service. Remember not to use bleach. And for that perfect, wrinkle-free look, a quick steam ironing does the trick. After all, you want your curtains to look as fabulous as the day you first hung them. So, let them air dry, and your windows are dressed to impress.

Lesley Linen Blend Curtains

These curtains are made from a blend of 8% linen and 92% polyester. It’s like the perfect partnership between natural and synthetic fibers. The linen adds that touch of rustic charm, while the polyester brings durability and easy maintenance to the table.

These curtains are not just about looks; they mean business when it comes to blocking out light. With a light-blocking capability of 35%-45%, you can say goodbye to unwanted glare and hello to a cozy, shaded interior. Whether you want to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning lie-in or create the perfect ambiance for a movie night, these curtains have got you covered.

These curtains come in at a substantial 339 GSM (that’s grams per square meter, in case you were wondering). That means they have a certain heft to them, which not only adds to their luxurious feel but also helps them hang beautifully.

Regarding windows, these curtains are available in a range of sizes, with a maximum width of 360 inches and a maximum length of 240 inches. If you need a length longer than 104 inches, you can simply rotate the fabric 90 degrees to meet your requirements. It’s like having curtains tailor-made for your windows without the hefty price tag.


We have guided you on top of the living room curtains in this post. All of these curtains offer practical benefits like sunlight control. These curtains also bring privacy but also bring a touch of elegance and style to your living room. In the post, as mentioned earlier, we have discussed the features of these living room curtains.