Soccer odds – Effective Select Experience

What is the 3/4 soccer bet? Hi 88 appears in exciting matches. This is the ratio that shows the difference between two teams. So what experiences will help you participate in this attractive bet with a high winning rate? Let’s join Hi88 to learn in detail how to read and place reasonable bets right in the following article.

Introducing the 3/4 soccer odds Hi88 stars

In fact What is the 3/4 soccer bet? Hi88 understands that this is a handicap and only appears in Asian handicaps. Currently there are very few Over/Under bets related to this rate because they are so low. Therefore, this is a number that represents the relative difference between the opponents participating in the match.

This bet is also known by other names: 0.75 bet or 0.5-1 bet. The stronger team will have to handicap the weaker team participating in match 1 at a rate of 0.75.

When participating at game portal Hi88, you can choose bets and bets related to this ratio such as: Choose to handicap the first half or choose to handicap the whole match. The entire match time will be counted until the referee blows the whistle to end the two halves, excluding extra time.

Instructions on how to read the 3/4 football odds Hi88

Handicap rate What is the 3/4 soccer bet?  Hi88 provides numbers for players to bet on. However, to clearly understand the indicators related to this match, you need to pay attention to the following 3 cases:

  • When the match ends with a goal difference of 2 for the upper team, then the handicap will belong to the players who bet on the strong team. And those who enter the weak team will lose all bets.
  • When winning with a difference of one goal, the upper team will receive half of the bet and the lower team will lose 0.5 times the bet.
  • For matches that end in a draw or the underdog wins, all bets will go to the underdog. And of course, the strong team will lose all the money they bet.

What is a specific example of the 3/4 soccer bet?Hi88

To understand clearly What is the 3/4 soccer bet?  Hi88Everyone, please come to the match in round 13 of the Premier League between Arsenal and Liverpool. Arsenal is marked in red and has a handicap of 0.75 with Liverpool. The odds are 0.85 for Arsenal and 0.87 for Liverpool. You bet with an amount of 500k.

  • When the match ends with a score difference of 2 goals or more for Arsenal (3-1, 2-0, 4-1…), you win 500k x 0.85 = 425k and Liverpool loses 500k.
  • When the match ended with a one-goal victory for the Arsenal team (1-0, 2-1, 3-2). Then the winning amount is: 500k x 0.5 x 0.85 = 212.5k and Liver lost 500k x 0.5 = 250k.
  • When the match ends in a draw or victory for the Liverpool team, you follow for Arsenal will lose the entire 500k. And then Liver brothers will receive an amount of: 500k x 0.87 = 435k.

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KWhat is the experience of 3/4 football select?Hi88 for new players

Winning any bet is an essential need for those participating. And the following experience will help players catch What is the 3/4 soccer bet?  Hi88the most exactly.

Evaluate the two teams

The ratio of 3/4 left shows that the difference is not too much between the two teams participating in the match. However, home field factors as well as confrontation history will affect this issue. Therefore, the player’s job is to review pre-match information such as injury situation or performance in the last 5 matches.

Master the select odds information

In addition to choosing game portal Hi88 to place bets, you need to pay attention to the information related to this match. Be sure that the odds will not change during the 2 hours before the match starts. If these fluctuations occur, you need to pay attention to avoid getting caught in a fraudulent bet.

Mental stability

To achieve psychological stability, players need to master capital issues and match-related information. The more idle capital you have, the more confident you will be and make the most accurate judgments.


 What is the 3/4 soccer bet?  Hi88We have sent you the most perfect answer. Hopefully the above information will help players be more confident when participating in select. And don’t forget to join Hi88 to enjoy countless incentives waiting for new players.