Which Shapes Look Best For A Black Onyx Engagement Ring?

When picking an exceptional and powerful statement piece for an engagement ring, a black onyx ring always stands before anyone else with all its boldness, luster, and distinctiveness. Widely known for its dark ebony complexion and smooth and glossy finish, black onyx is a gemstone that enthralls us with its elegance and classic look.

Thus, a black onyx ring is ideal as it matches and compliments every outfit you wear. However, the real beauty of this ring is visible when expressed through the shape of the cut.

Let’s look into some of the best cuts to get a better idea about the shapes that look best on a black onyx engagement ring and help you choose the best shape.

1. The Oval Cut

An oval-cut black onyx ring always stands as an epitome of elegance and progression, making it the first choice among all the other black onyx engagement rings. This unique shape of your oval-cut black onyx ring gives you a modern look and creates the illusion of owning one of the big, precious black stone rings

It has a classy look that can be worn regularly with every professional and casual outfit. If you love the evergreen classic style but yearn for a unique and distinctive ring, the oval-cut black onyx ring is for you.   

2. Emerald Cut

Emerald cut is widely common in traditional diamond rings but, when applied to a black onyx ring, creates an impeccable look that stands out from all other black stone engagement rings

The emerald cut gives your black stone ring a geometric and architectural look that enhances the stone’s clarity and gives an amazing modern look.  

3. The Pear Cut

The pear cut is an amazing outcome of blending the round and marquise cut, creating a dynamic and elegant look. A pear-shaped black onyx ring is the most remarkable choice of all the black stone rings

Often referred to as teardrop cut, these pear-cut black onyx engagement rings are an exceptional choice for a woman who loves blending traditional stones with contemporary designs. The pear-cut is often considered the best shape for black onyx rings for women

4. The Heart Cut

Heart-cut black onyx jewelry is common as the heart represents the love and devotion for the other person to whom you’re gifting the onyx. When an Onyx is given the shape of a heart to craft the perfect ring, it creates a deep and affectionate symbol of love. 

A heart-cut black onyx engagement ring is unquestionably attractive, depicting a perfect relationship of love and commitment. 

5. The Brilliantly Round Cut

The round-cut black stone rings are the most common as the brilliant round shape given to the stone enhances its luster. When this brilliant round shape is used for the black onyx ring, it softens the gemstone’s boldness with its simple symmetrical shape, giving it a gentle touch of sophistication.

6. The Marquise Cut

The captivating boat-like shape of a marquise-cut black onyx ring is an exceptional choice for your engagement. The pointed ends and curved sides add an element of sophistication and class. A marquise-cut black onyx ring is for your bold woman who is daring yet elegant.  

7. The Cushion Cut

If you are captivated by vintage aesthetics, these round corners and larger facets of cushion-cut black onyx rings are the best choice. This cut amplifies the shine and the depth of the black stone ring. Since it is a considerable size compared to other cuts, it shows the stone’s color more clearly and naturally.

Attractive Black Onyx Rings From Rosec Jewels

A black onyx engagement ring is a testament to the unique bond of love between you and your soul mate. 

Whether you pick the teardrop cut considering its beauty or the brilliant round shape considering its simplicity, black onyx engagement rings are always admired for their profound beauty and exceptional classic look. 

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