Expert Insights on Decking: Taking Outdoor Living to New Heights

Installing a deck adds flair, style, comfort, color, privacy, and function to a home. A deck will take your outdoor relaxation, cooking, parties, and entertainment to a whole new level. That’s why you need to build a new deck or upgrade the existing one to take your outdoor living to new heights. Coolk Decks Gold Coast – A Step Closer To A Beautiful New Deck

In this article, we have explored expert insights into choosing the right decking materials for a stunning and durable deck. 

Factors to Consider When Designing a Functional Deck Layout

Before we look at the materials to use on your new deck, there are a few considerations that you must make to ensure that your deck lives up to its potential. They include

  • Your budget. This will determine your deck’s materials and designs. 
  • Building codes in your area. You don’t want to attract unnecessary heat from local authorities, so you must build your deck to code. 
  • The size and structure of your house and yard. Both will affect the size and structure of your deck.
  • Which leisure activities will the deck be used for? If you will be using it for outdoor dining, for example, you will need a big deck complete with dining furniture, cooking space, and lighting. For romantic outdoor dinners, you need deck lighting that sets the mood for a romantic evening.
  • Will you be adding live plants to beautify the space? If yes, which ones?
  • The outdoor furniture you’ll add, e.g. storage boxes, extra seating, etc. 

For the best value for money, deck installation or replacement is best handled by a professional deck contractor/builder. Professionals know the best materials to use, the building codes to adhere to, and the best designs to suit your needs. Take your time to sample the best deck installation experts in your area, paying more attention to their pricing, quality of past work, and commitment to sustainable decking. If you’re in St. Louis, we recommend this St. Louis deck builder based on the glowing reviews and testimonials we have seen from their past clients. 

Creating A Stunning and Durable Deck: Best Materials & Techniques to Use

When building a new deck from scratch or renovating an existing one, be sure to use state-of-the-art, durable, and sustainable materials for a delightful & gorgeous outdoor space. Here are some tips when selecting decking materials.

  • Wood decks

Wood decks are aesthetically appealing because of their beautiful natural look. The most sustainable and durable wood options are softwood species such as redwood and cedar. Softwood species grow faster than hardwood and they’re naturally insect and rot-resistant. They have a beautiful natural look too. The only downside to using softwood for decking is that it tends to splinter. 

Pressure-treated lumber is your other viable option. It’s cheaper than redwood and cedar, but it is also rot and insect-resistant. It is your best option for building the deck’s support systems because high-grade pressure-treated timber holds up quite well. Cheap ones are, however, vulnerable to twisting, shrinking, and warping. 

Some builders use mahogany, teak, or ipe for decking. These natural hardwoods are beautiful, durable, and mildew & termite resistant, but they can be extremely pricey. They are also not environmentally sustainable because they all are endangered tree species.

  • Composite decks

Artificial deck boards are durable and eco-friendly decking materials. They’re made of waste wood fiber and recycled plastics, all mixed up together using bonding agents. They don’t have the natural beauty or feel of wood decking, but they have a handful of upsides: 

  • They require less maintenance compared to wood.
  • In terms of design and color, they offer more flexibility than wood decking. 
  • They are eco-friendly, mainly because they are manufactured from recycled waste.
  • They are more durable than wood decks. 
  • They are also cheaper than most wood options. 
  • Other materials

1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking

PVC plastics won’t give you the quality or sophistication of wood, but they are cheap and almost maintenance-free. They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Their main downside is being environmentally unsustainable.

2. Aluminum decking 

Aluminum doesn’t decay or crack over time, which makes it a durable decking material. It’s also low-maintenance, fire-resistant, and available in a wide range of colors and styles. Aluminum decks are ideal for areas prone to weather damage, wildfires, strong winds, and hail storms.

How To Turn Your Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis

To make your deck more beautiful and comfortable,

  1. Install a custom & modern pergola for a picturesque, lavish, and luxurious deck.
  2. Install deck railing for extra safety, especially for toddlers and pets. Railings also guide toddlers’ and old people’s mobility around the deck.  

iii. Paint the deck railings to create a nice contrast with the main house and the deck floor.

  1. Add live plants to inject some life into the outdoor space.
  2. Add custom, comfortable outdoor furniture. Ensure that the furniture complements the rest of the space in terms of color and material. You, however, should resist the temptation to clutter the space with excess furniture.

Final word 

How do you envision your outdoor space after deck installation or replacement? Contact a professional deck builder today for more insights into best decking practices. A professional will take your vision, improve it, and actualize it for the most beautiful and functional deck.